10 Free Cash Flow Templates

Download these 10 Free Cash Flow Templates to assist you in your day to day tasks.

Cash Flow Templates are a set of generic, printable templates for calculating the cash flow of a business or organization. These can be used as an alternative to the more detailed and complex methods commonly found in the accounting profession. The main advantage of using templates is that they enable those with very little experience in the field to quickly and easily adjust the various aspects of the methodology without too much trouble. As most businesses will agree, time is money and reducing delays in the calculation of cash flows is both efficient and cost effective.

To make or change a Cash Flow Template, first access the libraries section of the system. Under the subheading Accounting Information, select the item you wish to use as a template. Generally, this is a short phrase or name such as “a under cycle”, “period income”, etc. If you want to find the best cash flow template, use a word or phrase which best describes the financial method used in your company.

After you have made a selection, the system will provide you with several different types of Cash Flow Templates, each with its own description. To make a selection, move the cursor over each item and choose the style that best describes your organization’s cash flow forecasts. Usually, the more general style is used for small companies with less than 100 employees. If your company has many employees, you may want to select a particular type of forecast for the whole company.

There are several ways to prepare a cash flow statement. The simplest method is to write it on paper. However, the lack of a computer based system means that any errors made when drawing up the statement are very likely to be fatal. The easiest way is to prepare the statement manually. The basic procedure is to record the starting balance, ending balance, date, penalty fee if any, gross profit, net profit, and reinvestment rate.

If you are preparing a cash flow statement manually, you can follow some simple rules. Record the gross revenue at the beginning of the financial year, and then add the net sales from both the previous year and the current year. Add the gross cost of goods sold to the revenue to get the gross profit. At this stage it is advisable to include the gross investment which should be estimated using a current money scale.

The cash flow statement then needs to record the gross revenues, the gross costs, and the net profit or loss. When preparing the financial forecasts for the next year, you need to make sure all these items are included. It is not advisable, however, to predict something that is extremely difficult to determine. This is why it is easier to just add the figures for the previous year into the current one.

Some cash flow templates or programs come with their own excel worksheets. You can also use these if you want to prepare your own cash flow projection. You will need to determine your own cash sources and the possible expenses in the next month. You will also have to take note of your cash flow projections, and how much of the income is going to be applied to the interest payments. Once you have determined all this, you can plug your figures into the cash flow statement so that you can get a fairly accurate picture of what your company’s cash flow looks like.

When you use a cash flow template, you are likely to get a sort order of your income as well as the capital expenditure. You might find this sort order useful when planning your budget. Other kinds of financial statements would need to have their own tab separated by a column on a worksheet. Using the tab function will allow you to sort the information in that column according to the category in which it falls under.

Free Cash Flow Templates

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Cash Flow Template 01


Cash Flow Template 02


Cash Flow Template 03


Cash Flow Template 04


Cash Flow Template 05


Cash Flow Template 06


Cash Flow Template 07


Cash Flow Template 08


Cash Flow Template 09


Cash Flow Template 10



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